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Full Version: 12029,12030,12031,12007 ERROR codes in webpagetest 15
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What do error codes 12029,12030,12031,12007 represent? How is it different from 9999x time-out errors ?
I also had some tests that were returning result 12029. It was happening intermittently, and only on specific sites. Chrome returned "12029", IE returned result "-2146697211".

After some digging I realized it was only happening on one specific agent. Tried updating the agent, but didn't change anything. Checked CPU, memory, versions of everything, even hosts file - nothing was different between agents that worked and this problematic agent.

Logged in while it was running a test and here's what it sees:


Couldn't figure out how to fix it, but since it was on Amazon EC2 I just shut it down and started another instance. All is fine now.

Hope that helps someone else with the same issue!
The 12xxx series of codes are derived from the WinInet error codes and usually mean network issues (DNS failed or socket connect failed). I've never seen specific EC2 agents get stuck like that before but it's good to know, thanks.
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