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Full Version: Another CDN issue
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First time poster, thanks for any help.

We are using a live chat widget (Pure Chat) on our site (https://photostories.cc).

Scanning the site, we get the following:

FAILED - https://cdnva2.purechat.com/app/VisitorW...0227298.js
FAILED - https://cdnva2.purechat.com/app/scripts/...v0.9.16.js
FAILED - https://cdnva2.purechat.com/app/VisitorW...227298.css
FAILED - https://cdnva2.purechat.com/app/Content/...ogo-32.png
FAILED - https://cdnva2.purechat.com/app/Content/...ogo-64.png

However, their cdnva2 is functioning properly, according to their support.



It doesn't look like that's actually a CDN. A traceroute from India shows it coming back to the US: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140926_B7_X1T/ and I tried a full test from India just in case they were doing some geo-targeting and using different host names but it still went to cdnva2.

The servers may be running fine but it doesn't look like it's a geo-distributed infrastructure of any kind.
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