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Full Version: Suggestions required for Performance improvement based on Result differences
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We have a Joomla site ( running over dedicated server. Currently, Rockettheme's gantry based template is installed on the site.
So, to optimize my site's performance I have tested various templates of different frameworks with same content on my homepage and then I checked its Loadtime, Pagesize and No of requests using
I found following difference in them with respect to my current template's parameters

Template Framework : Loadtime(Sec) / Pagesize(Kb) / No of Requests
Warp : 0.792 / 130 / 14
T3 : 0.708 / 61 / 19
Helix : 0.225 / 106 / 24

I have tested all these frameworks with their basic free themes, So Now my Question is "am I getting a big difference in them with respect to my current template", and do I need to look for different template for increased performance considering these differences?

Thanking all in anticipation.
Do you have baseline numbers for your current template? Those times all look really fast, what connectivity did you use for the tests?
Hi Patrick, Numbers in the Query are differences between my current template and other templates for respective parameters. Loadtime was calculated by subtracting first byte time from fully loaded time. Pagesize and Requests are for fully loaded document as well.

Parameters for my current template are
Loadtime : 4.116 (obtained by Fully Loaded - First byte time)
Pagesize : 949 KB (Fully Loaded)
Requests : 46 (Fully Loaded)

I used default connectivity settings for tests i. e. from Dulles, VA - IE 9 - Cable.
Are positive values the amount of improvement relative to the current template?

I'd hesitate to read too much into the results if the themes were different across all of the tests.

I'd really recommend spending more time looking at the results for your current site and including the TTFB to figure out where to spend time optimizing (if TTFB is several seconds then fixing that would be critical).

If a lot of the requests and page size look like they are coming from template content and not specific to your theme then maybe it's worth looking at one of the other templates to give you a better starting point but it's also possible that a lot of that is specific to the theme.
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