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Full Version: meaning of all_ms vs all_end
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I am running tests programatically against a private instance of wpt, The json results include this:

"all_end": 482,
"all_ms": 228,
"all_start": "236",

How do all three relate to each other? I would have expected
all_start + all_ms = all_end
but the math doesn't work out.
Looks like the code for it is here:

Do you know if the requests in question had any dns or socket connect times? It looks like those might cause the results to change (though I still wouldn't expect it to do what you are seeing).
(10-07-2014 10:37 PM)pmeenan Wrote: [ -> ]I still wouldn't expect it to do what you are seeing

ok, I can see how this might be a bug or something ; I can let this go. I just wanted to make sure that at least my expectations are correct.
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