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Full Version: Does anyone know of a monitor for server load that will run on a local machine?
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What I'm looking for is a windows app (or android) that runs and communicates with the server(s) and gives the sever load and warning if it goes over a present limit.

Does such an ap exist?

NewRelic's free tier should do what you want (and a LOT more). The free tier only keeps 24 hours of data but it will let you alert on server load as well as graph all sorts of things about your app performance. They have apps for Android and iOS as well as a web UI.

If you REALLY want to roll your own then just look at the normal server monitoring solutions like Nagios and Cacti, both of which have android apps available.

I've gone both routes and unless you have a super-compelling reason to not use NewRelic (or another similar APM) I can't imagine why you'd want to subject yourself to doing it yourself.
Please note that on NewRelic PHP plugin ( if you're going into that much depth ) can have an appreciable effect on the TTFB where the server has been tuned to the state that CPU power is the performance bottleneck.
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