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Full Version: Images N/A with SSL turned on
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I turned on SSL for my sites. Now I'm getting N/A for image optimization (compress and progressive).
Headers don't indicate gzip for my jpegs, and I've yet to find more info on this in the docs or forums.
It's just an artifact of SSL testing on Chrome right now. The test agents don't currently have access to the response bodies for SSL resources in Chrome so the image optimization checks are not run - hence the N/A. I have plans for how to handle it, just haven't had time to implement it yet.
sorry to jump onto an old thread, but I had a SSL security question with compressed images results. Does enabling HSTS screw with's ability to test for such? I checked gzip, and I don't believe images are gzipped [on our server], but noticed's test results get N/A where another site like gets such results. I can only guess it has to do with image headers, thus my question. Thanks for your time in advance.
We're actually seeing N/A for "compressed image" in all tests regardless of which browser option we select. Is this feature currently not available, or is there a specific combination of settings we need to use to get a successful score?

One thing worth noting is we are are testing a direct image reference and not a standalone page, so I'm not sure if that is an influence.
Probably because wpt doesn't know how to process gzipped images and that is confusing it. It shouldn't be too hard to fix but you probably also want to turn off gzip for your images.
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