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Full Version: Fully loaded longer on repeat view?
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I've currently been optimising a site and in general am very pleased with the results.

Yesterday, my website was a lot quicker to fully load on the repeat view (as expected), but today, it takes longer to load the website the second time around.

Any idea why this is happening?
the summary seems to take the median from run 6 first view vs run 9 repeat view and run 9 repeat view has something additional/different loaded on the page at end (fully loaded) according filestrip/video comparison of run 6 first view vs run 9 repeat view see

Thanks for the reply and for linking to those videos. I didn't realise you could generate them with Webpagetest.

It's great to see that the website visually does seem to load a lot quicker on the repeat view, even if for some reason the fully loaded time is slightly longer.
personally i only ever care about speedindex and visual render time myself Smile
Maybe you should set the cache to your website, then periodically clear the cache. Thus your site will open much faster.
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