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Full Version: Test completed, but no waterfall displayed and no requests information
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I just updated the 192 debug build to trace a lot more detail in the sockets path. From the looks of the traces you sent I don't see any of the traffic that I'd normally expect to see around data we get from the raw sockets so I suspect that's probably the source of the issue.

It might be impossible to fix if I can't reproduce it locally though because I'll need to figure out what is going on with the winsock calls and why they aren't visible.

I'll try to collect as much information as it is possible.
let's try with these results
I don't know,I've done something,but it doesn't work...

etui samsung galaxy note 4
coque samsung galaxy s5
I might not be able to make any progress with it if I can't reproduce it myself. I don't see any of the actual socket send or recv calls (though there are some socket connect calls so it should be the correct process). If it was an IE change I'd expect to see all of the IE 11 agents having issues so I'm not really sure where to go with it.
Thanks for investigating it, Patrick. Maybe one day I will be able to identify what has been deployed to machines I use. I requested to reinstall one of them but it has not changed anything.
Was there any resolution for this, I am trying to setup a new pvt inactance of wpt on Win 7-64 bit machine and am facing the same issue
No, I still have this problem for some PCs. One of them was renstalled but it persists. The only workaround is to use urlBlaster but it is not compatible with IE versions greater than 9 nor any other browser.
Installing IE11 solved the problem. Probably somehow it was related to wptdriver working with IE9 or some updates installed together with IE11 removed the cause of the problem.
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