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Full Version: SelectValue does not Work for me
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Hi I am trying to utilize following script:

selectValue id=CountryUrlMapping China
submitForm name=landingPageForm

somehow it does not work for me

I am newbi to this scripting topic so maybe I made fundamental mistake.

thanks for feedback
This works - I tend to fire JS clicks at submit buttons instead of relying on submitForm

logData 0
exec document.getElementById("CountryUrlMapping").value ="/web/cn/home"
logData 1
execAndWait document.getElementsByTagName('input')[0].click();
Great, this works.

I know this might be already to much to ask:

How can I enter the user/pwd on this resulting page.
The form seems to be loaded inside an iFrame. I got the field names but am not able to populate them.

Thanks in advance
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