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I work on the opensource project Poppy ( which aims to standardize provisioning across CDN vendors. Obviously I don't need to explain why we need Webpagetest Wink. Can I get an API key for the public instance, to try running some tests? I did try emailing pmeenan a while back, but it probably went to a wrong mail ID. Eventually we might set up a private instance, but we just wanted to get started with public.

Thanks for your help!
I don't see any email from you at If direct mail doesn't work you can send me an email through the forums or DM me.
Thank you pmeenan! I just sent you a direct email via the forum.
It has been atleast a couple of months since I sent you the last request - but I did not use the forum email then & chances are I sent it to an old or obsolete email address. Thanks for your help!
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