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Full Version: Recording of whole user workflow
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I would like to record a whole user workflow:
  1. Select country page
  2. Log in to country page
  3. Select Service 1..3
  4. log out

I would like to be able to see details of pages loaded in series and the exported HAR file shall have the same separation.
Is this possible.

I have attached the script I am using. I have tested the command in Firebug and Chrome dev tools and it seems to work as intended.
What I get as out put are the select country and login page. The home page is never shown, neither the other. I have payed around with combineSteps, ending in failing in runs.

Is there a bug in my script?

This is the result of my last run:

Without cobineSteps i had a result which contains all pages , but evrything is "folded" to one timeline.

Get rid of the "waitForComplete" commands in the script. The navigate and "andWait" commands all have an implicit wait. The "waitForComplete" command waits for a specific javascript call (and may not be implemented in all browsers).
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