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Full Version: bytesIn breakdown by content type css/js
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I couldn't find this in my JSON results/documentation and didn't see this elsewhere in the forums so a feature request:

It's great to see the bytesIn total number, but it'd be nice if this was broken down by content-type. so cssBytesIn/jsBytesIn, and also for number of requests, cssRequests/jsRequests.

Also, it'd be cool if we could filter or ask for calculations of things like, the 5 slowest or largest requests.

Let me know if some/all of this exists somewhere. Thanks!

[edit] Just found it under breakdowns, nevermind!
It should be there in a "breakdown" entry for a given page:


It will give you the same details as you get in the content breakdown results pages:

If you want to do anything fancier, you have all of the data for all of the requests to do whatever you'd like with.
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