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Full Version: Where are the custom metrics results?
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I have a 2.15 private instance. It runs tests in the clients successfully.

I'm trying to run tests with custom metrics.

At first wasn't finding the results for custom metrics I wrote but didn't find the results, thought that the problem was my code. I've attempted to run custom metrics from the samples of the documentation and can't find their results (neither executing on my private instance nor in the public servers).

I've searched in:
* Raw page data
* Raw object data
* Export HTTP Archive (.har)
* View Test Log
None of them content the results (neither the value nor a label/header with the metric name)

Any help will be appreciated

In the UI there will be a link in the top-right corner of the waterfall page:

that takes you to the custom metrics results page:

On the filesystem it should be in *_metrics.json

If you are submitting the metrics through the UI make sure you have them in the form where the metric name is in square brackets before the code:
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