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Full Version: Testing Durandal site with private instance
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we are currently developing a single page application with Durandal ( Since we are using the single page application pattern somehow the test agent does not register when the page is completely loaded. So we need to always use the "minimal test duration" option and capture data for e.g. 30 seconds.
Is there any special javascript event that can be fired so that the test agent knows that the "page load" is finished?

Thanks a lot for the great software!
Not really. There was support for a webpagetest.done() call or something like that in URLBlaster (the legacy agent) but it hasn't been updated.

Is there a specific network request that you see at the end of the load? If so, the "setEndRequest" script command may work. I may not have implemented it in wptdriver yet but that should be easy to add.
Thanks, I'll try that.
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