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Full Version: DNS Lookup too hhigh compare to TTFB
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I wondering why you make DNS Lookup part of First Byte result while Waterfall view show different story
here my result

DNS Lookup: 203 ms
Initial Connection: 33 ms
Time to First Byte: 83 ms
Content Download: 14 ms
The odd thing I can't control DNS Lookup what make it double of TTFB ?
is this fault of my domain registrar not resolving domain IP that fast . or it backend your use for test .
BTW I use A record linked to my server IP and name server is registrar default .
DNS is included in the first byte time in the summary for a page but not in the individual break down for each component - where the timings are just for each segment of the bar.

The quality of DNS providers varies with companies like Dyn putting a lot of effort into fast DNS responses, most domain registrars I've come across are no where near as fast.
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