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I had a test result of F on compressed images, now I am getting an N/A after compressing then all. I am hoping this is a good thing.

Time to first Byte and Cache Static Content. Any directions to make this an A would be nice. Or at least as good as possible. Gravatar, having to do with Authorship, Google Author has been an issue that I have gotten the impression can not be resolved. Is this still true?
The N/A is actually a bad thing. It only checks JPEG images and it looks like you may have converted them all to PNG's (which are WAY bigger). How did you "compress" them?

Cache static looks like it's all resources outside of your control:

First byte time is going to be a function of your server code and hosting. To REALLY make it faster you will probably have to find better hosting for your site. Since it looks like it's a wordpress site you can also fake it by using a server-side cache like Supercache or W3 Total Cache. They will store a version of your pages that is already built and serve it directly to non-logged-in users without having to touch the database.
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