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Full Version: website takes 22 seconds to load
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I have a website on VPS located in the UK, and it takes 22 seconds to load, which is extremely slow

Advice is needed how to improve the load time, because 22 seconds is way too much.

The website url is

Take a look at the waterfall chart here and particularly take a look at item #5. Can't at the moment explain what is happening here but it looks like you might have some kind of redirect?

Anyway, item #5 is where your bottleneck is. Once past that one, everything else loads fine.
Thanks for the reply.

I don;t have any redirect apart from redirects to
Looks like you're using Joomla, try some of these speedup techniques:
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You may want to get a tcpdump on your web server if you can. The redirect to is what's taking the bulk of the time.

You should consider having that redirected site cached on the client. It seems to be the same size zipped file that gets sent in the repeated WBT results. At least then, only new users will experience the bulk time.
To fix #5, remove the reference from where ever it occurs - theme or plugin.


#3 is the real killer. describes a set of experiments which are likely useful to run with this site.
My website loading time was more than 10 seconds which caused me a drop in session and increase in bounce rate, then I migrated to managed hosting wordpress platform and now the site loading time is under 2 second, You should try Cloudways.
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