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I've a set of benchmarks running nightly which cover 18 sites, and for those 8 sites 4 different 'page types'. I'm attempting to integrate the results with Splunk, via the WPT logging mechanism.
The issue I have is that I can't find a way of 'labelling' the tests via benchmarks that also end up in the logged results - so I can easily distinguish in Splunk "this result is for site 1, page type X". Ideally that would mean defining benchmarks with two label fields (or at a push one field with delimited content).

The 'testLabel' field always appears to be blank for logged benchmark results, even if the URL file has a label defined, or if 'testLabel' field is added to the PHP benchmark definition.

Is there a recommended way of labelling tests scheduled with Benchmarks?
Any ideas anyone?
Found the answer by digging in the code:

Add 'label' field to the 'settings' array set in the benchmark configuration, and this will appear as 'testLabel' in the log files.
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