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Full Version: Node.JS agent and Multi-step
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I have been playing with Node.JS agent to get measurements from multi-step WebDriver scripts and pushed it to a local instance of WPT to examine the waterfall and HAR.

I also fetched the pr/376 pull-request that implements multi-step logging. But, I haven't been able to connect the two.

I know the pr/376 is a work in progress, but is there a way I can get access to a working multi-step instance like I want to see if I can write WebDriver scripts in Node.JS and have a multi-step logged waterfall in WPT.
I'm just starting to work through the merge but webdriver scripts are kind of a special beast since the timeline comes in as a single file and the server would still need to parse out the separate steps. I expect that one is going to take a fair bit of work to get working correctly.
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