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Good Morning
There was something strange in my tests.
My website is hosted on a server in Paris.
If I choose to do a test by selecting the test server in Paris, I have a dns lookup time between 90 and sometimes more than one second.... But most of the time is 200ms.
But if I select the test server in Brussels time dns lookup become correct, constantly 30 / 32ms. Similar results with Amsterdam and London.
On other test sites or the firebug network tab I found no problems dns lookup, below 40ms.
The Paris test server runs correctly ? Or it can come from dns servers ? Or another reason ?
Thank you.
It looks like a test agent issue. I'll see if there's anything I can do about it.
Ok, thank you.
Hello. Still the same problem. Median run off 8 tests :

Bruxells :


And Paris :

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