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Does cli/archive.php job runs in hourly cron job ?
or we need to trigger it whenever we need to push the results to S3

Is there a way to push the test results to S3 as soon as test completes ?.
The results should get pushed to S3 as soon as a test completes but you need to schedule archive.php to run periodically as well to clean up local tests and to push any tests that did not complete successfully.
Thanks for your input,
We have added the following s3 settings in settings.ini file
archive_s3_bucket= <our bucket name>
archive_s3_url=https://<our bucket name>

and we have (from 3 days ) tests completed successfully but not pushed to s3,
If we run cli/archive.php our results will get pushed to s3.

is it because of archive_days=0 ?
is there anything that we might have missed ?
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