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Full Version: Increase in Time Out errors
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I'm encountering more instances where I'm timing out on my tests. I think the issue is AdSense. I use it to monetize my site. If you want to see an example, check out

What I've noticed is a huge number of requests that I think belong to ad platforms. I suspect these are some sort of real-time bid systems. Some examples include liverail, altitude-arena, etc.

Ironically, I've kept Google over the years as they didn't put the strain on my site the way other ad networks would. I don't recall seeing this type of activity before.
I turned off all the ad networks except for Google ones. I'm probably going to take a hit revenue wise. I was seeing huge amounts of requests and timeouts. I don't know how often new 3rd party networks gets added, but I also had the setting that automatically added them.
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