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Full Version: Assign elastic ip to ec2 instance
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I have a Webpagetest private instance (ec2 instance) running on AWS.
Which is able to start and stop the test agents as needed.

I want to assign the elastic IP to these test agents once server starts them
to access our internal server.

Is there a way to assign an elastic ip address to the agent started by private instance ?
I have the same issue. I took a look at the code and it does not seem to be possible.
Is there another way to test internal servers?
I solved this problem using custom ruby scripts.
I used aws cli to get the running instance and assign elastic ip to it.
i don't know if pmeenan have solved this now.
So you run webpagetest and then for each agent you give it an EIP? Could you give us more info?
refer this doc, it is very helpful.
Ah, cool I will give it a go but it would be great to be done from webpagetest
yes, i was also expecting this, but did not get reply from webpagetest so i had to choose the option of writing custom scripts.
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