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Full Version: Incorrect URLs in waterfall view - WPTDriver, IE9
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I use combination of WPTDriver and IE9 on my private instance.

I noticed that in details popup forrequests in waterfall view some URLs have doubled protocol and hostname. For example: http://ajax.googleapis.com

After investigation I see that in RAW object data column "URL" has wrong data. Example is attached. This is probably only in of IE9 + WPTDriver combination and this is why I was unable to reproduce this on public instance of Webpagetest.

I use latest versions of WPT Server and agents.

Are you sure you're running the latest on both the server and agents (2.6 on the server and 204 for wptdriver)?

I remember an issue around that a while back but the public instance is using wptdriver for the IE 9 instances running in Dulles so I'd expect to see it there as well.
Yes, I updated the server to the latest version (HEAD from repository) a week ago and and I use version 204 of the agent. I am not sure how long this has happened.

On some agents I am forced to use urlblast because other issue and in this case urls are correct.

I've just checked that in 1_IEWTR.txt.gz file of test result links are also broken
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