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Full Version: Tests running slow with multiple test runs in private instance
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I have setup a WPT private instance with agents in EC2. There is 1 agent per region that I have configured.

My objective is to run a script (all for publicly available URLs), with 9 test runs against a configured region / WPT agent.

I am observing a significant slowness in running this script in my private instance, with multiple (say 9,) test runs. The same script, with same number of test runs runs much more faster in the publicly hosted WPT, for the same region.

Why is there such a significant difference in performance?

Does this mean:
> There are multiple agents configured in the public instance for the same region, and each test run (script) is run on different agent in parallel?
> If yes to the above assumption, would increasing the number of WPT agents for the required region help resolve the issue?
> If no, what do I need to do to improve the performance of multiple test runs from my Private instance?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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