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Full Version: Testing with and without SPDY support
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I've got some website running SPDY on multiple domains, and wanted to find a way with WPT to test it with and without SPDY support.

Is there any way to disabled SPDY for a test with Chrome or even Firefox ?
If you can find the chrome flag to disable SPDY - I think it was --use-spdy=off but I'm not sure anymore - then you can pass this in as a command line parameter in the tab for Chrome settings
Thanks, the --use-spdy seems to works great ! Smile

I have to dig a little more, because it seems that even using Spdy, my WPT private instance is telling me that the request is HTTP 1.1
Don't know, if this is a WPT issue or something else.

i'll come back when i'll found more info on that.
Thanks again
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