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Full Version: Help with Wininet/IE-specific error codes
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About 20% of my tests produce result code -2146697211. I tried converting that string to hex as per

The hex value is 2d32313436363937323131 (

That doesn't match up with any codes I found here

Can anyone help with steps for converting the result code?
That is 0x800C0005 in hex though that's not a WinInet-level error code and is something going wrong deeper in the stack.

Is this on the public instance or a private instance and across all agents?
This is a private instance on Amazon using PageTest 2.15. The agent used is WPTDriver and Internet Explorer 11.

When submitting the test job, the following parameters are used:

Try grabbing the latest agent software and putting it on your server to auto-update the agents. The one shipped with 2.15 is pretty old at this point:
Will do. Thanks Patrick.
An update about the error rate (negative result codes) in case it's interesting...

2.15 produced ~ 20%. 2.16 ~ 1% :-).
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