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Not sure what happened today, but things changes alot when logged onto my site, the results look confusing from the test, can someone explain what has happened, and how I can fix this, my site means everything to me, and is important for my work daily..

any help will be appreciated

Hi Jo,

Your website isn't too bad at 3.5 seconds. There are certainly room for improvement though.

I would install a caching plugin in your WordPress site such as ZenCache ( and then enable it on your site. This should reduce the 1 second TTFB your experiencing.

I would also enable HTTP compression on your website (it's a small tweak to one of your website files but the effect can be dramatic!).

After that, I would merge all the CSS & JS files into a single file (we could certainly help with that).

Once that's done, we would re-evaluate the next steps
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