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hello all,
I am trying to install a private instance, with server and agent all on same server.
after installation, I was able to execute. but after the run, there was no statistics. did anyone facing this issue before and have suggestions?


I'm also getting blank statistics for most European city locations (my nearest default servers). But testing with US cities I get statistics. This seems to have started happening for a good week or so.

Any heads up would be appreciated.
If you see it on the public instance can you include a link to the test result?
Hi pmeenan,

Sorry I forgot to tick if someone replied to this thread.

Here's an example not all blank now but missing start render & Speed index scores:

Many thanks
Those are missing because video capture isn't currently working on the Amsterdam agent (black screen shot).

I just rebooted the test machine and it is working better:

I'll have to see if I can automatically detect the locked desktop case and have it reboot automatically.
Legend, thanks for the fix :-)
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