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Full Version: 3 down 1 to go what?
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I got this lovely sequence of optimisations over a number of iterations.
All good. Figures coming down. But page-time refuses to budge What?
Check this.

[Image: speed.png]

Any thoughts? Cheers Cocosol
Hi cocosol,

First things first: You should start by performing a real test (which Pingdom is not) and pick things apart from there.


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The site http://boylanheadwear.com is a WordPress site.

http://www.webpagetest.org/result/150808.../1/details surfaces several areas of focus you can fix for better performance.

1) Fix the 404 for rosieWoo-child/custom-css.css, even - touch rosieWoo-child/custom-css.css - will help tremendously.

2) Make http://cloud.typography.com/6445112/7836.../fonts.css local to your server.

3) All file TFB times seem suspect. Do some ApaceBench testing with a simple test.txt + test.php file to ensure simple files serve fast.

I just ran an ab (ApacheBench) test + here are some numbers for a server I just setup for hosting client sites + have barely tuned it, so these numbers will likely double after tuning.

- 49266 reqs/sec - static .txt + .html files
- 11361 reqs/sec - hello world .php file (opcache off)
- 15160 reqs/sec - hello world .php file (opcache on)

Be sure your filesystem + apache + php + mysql (use mysqltuner) are tuned before starting with WordPress tuning.

4) It appears you're trying to use http://spin3.boylanheadwear.com as a cookieless CDN + this site has expires headers turned off, so be sure + setup expires.conf for Apache.

5) If possible upgrade from Apache-2.2.15 to Apache-2.4.14 (or at least 2.4.8)

6) If possible upgrade from PHP-5.4.38 to PHP-5.6.12

7) Add a WordPress caching plugin (your site has no WP caching right now).

Add ZenCache. If you'll actually test caching plugins performance effect, you'll see why ZenCache is a good choice.

8) You're running PHP-5.4, so if you're using APC, remove it + install ZendOpcache instead, which can be done via...

pecl -d preferred_state=beta install zendopcache

Then use something like https://gist.github.com/ck-on/4959032 to ensure ZendCache has plenty of free memory available.

Likely doing these few items will make a big difference in your site performance.

Also doing these will likely get rid of the visual lag between seconds 3-5 on your site.
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