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Full Version: TTFB grade D when accessing non-www version of website
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Here are my tests results:

In find the first DNS resolve time pretty long (according to my inexperienced judgment) and that probably explains the Grade D

If I run the test against the www version, then I get grade A or sometimes B.

The permanent redirection from non-www to www is done in the vhost file of my Apache server. I did something like that:

# Assuming that Apache listens on
  <IfModule mod_alias.c>
    Redirect permanent /

  # other directives to process

Could someone provide me with a hint to improve the non-www version ?
I wouldn't sweat it too much unless it's normal for traffic to arrive at the non-www version. You will never get a good TTFB grade if a redirect has to happen. Just testing the actual destination (and making sure the redirect is as fast as possible otherwise) is the best way to test.
On a side note... WPML can be brutal with your performance, but seem to be much better in the newer ( 3.2 ) version.
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