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Full Version: Long TTFB on wordpress website
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I am failing to reduce TTFB on my website. It is hosted on shared hosting, but other my wordpress sites installed on the same hosting run fine, so it seems it is not a hosting issue. I optimize a database regularly and the number of revisions is set to 3 as well, so I think it is not a database issue. Currently I have deactivated all plugins, but the problem persists. What could be a problem yet?


These results reflect a state when all plugins are disabled. Normally I use a Fastest Cache plugin, but the problem exists even when the plugin is enabled.
I expect that's because this site is on a different host, and that it's heavily used. Really, if you want reliable performance then you need to upgrade to your own private resources. A VPS isn't that expensive, although you do need skills to set it up well.
Uff, that is why I hoped the problem will not be in hosting. I am not enough skilled to administrate VPS. However, thank you for opinion. I will think how it could be solved.
Administering a VPS isn't that difficult if you opt for a control panel like cPanel or *shudders* Plesk. Most of the "day to day" administration work is done through a web interface so you can set up subdomains with a few clicks for example.

Although be aware your paying a small premium for a control panel most of the time - usually around $5 per month more on top of the hosting costs.

If you do go down the VPS route, I would look at migrating your other websites across too just to keep costs lower.
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