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Full Version: Testing dev environments without SSL certificates
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I am using a private WPT instance to test a development server. Our SSL certs don't cover the domain of the development server, and locally, I just tell chrome to "proceed to my server (unsafe)". I tried to use the WPT advanced option "Ignore SSL Certificate Errors," which gets me past that screen, but instead of rendering the web page, I get to another dialog which I can't quite make out from the jpg, but appears to be asking for user name and password. How can I get WPT to ignore SSL Certificates for my development environment?

The waterfall only lists http://www.gstatic.com/generate_204

Thanks for this great tool!
If you use &pngss=1 as a test option you will get full-resolution png screen shots which make it easier to see (loading the main page with ?pngss=1 will pass it through as a test option).

If it is asking for a user name and password then it isn't an ssl certificate issue. That would generally indicate that the server is also using some form of auth protection.
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