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Full Version: WPT load times vastly different from other speed tests
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I've been using your tool for some time, big thanks.

I've just switched over my site to the Genesis framework & theme. My test site on a cheap server is running blisteringly fast measured with WPT:

However my live site, VPS server, Genesis accelerator service is running like a dog measured with WPT:

However load times with Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Dotcom-tools looks good, see below:!/eBIQnW/

I've always used WPT as my default. But I'm very confused why the big load time difference and why my current site seems to suck with WPT.

GTmetrix is showing my homepage loading very fast:

I hoped this was a temp glitch with the testing server but I'm still getting really slow load times:

Aaggh, confused.
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