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Hey there,

anyone with an idea on what to set the Expires Header setting in w3? It's default setting is 3600 seconds I think, which is one hour - not very long. What would be the downsite to setting it to a day or a week?
This blog has some pointers on the TTLs that can be used for different kind of objects:
I'm afraid I don't just grasp the context of it is relevant for google? I'm listed on google news btw. My site recaches when I publish something.
I mis-read your initial question. I was pointing out an article that speaks about how to decide on right TTL for different content.

If you set a higher TTL, the only downside would that browsers may cache an older version and you will not be able to correct it.

For static objects like stylesheets and JS files, you could have a high TTL like 7 days. For html pages, you may want to reduce it to something like a day, assuming the content changes daily and so on.
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