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I'm trying to override DNS while running a test. With my local Chrome, I can do that with the following command line:
chrome.exe --host-rules="MAP"

To do the same thing in webpagetest, I set "Command-line" (in the "Chrome" tab) to '--host-rules="MAP"'. However, I then get an error message:
Invalid command-line option: """

Seems like the validation of command line parameters is not allowing spaces in parameters.
Is that a bug, or maybe an intentional protection against security problems?
Is there any other way to override DNS?
Try using the script tab with your test and use this:

usage: setDns <host name> <IP Address>
example: setDns

<host name> - Host name for the DNS entry to override
<IP Address> - IP Address for the host name to resolve to
Great, that approach solved my problem. Thanks for the hint!

For the benefit of other non-expert users - the script that does it for me is:
(with the separators being tabs)

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