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Full Version: why do we need wpt exrension in chrome but not in firefox
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Whenever i run tests on chrome i get this pop-up "WPT chrome extension is debugging this tab" but not in case of firefox and i think that due to this pop-up my chrome is getting slow during tests. Please correct me if i am wrong

And also, what if i remove wpt chrome extension from options in wptdriver.ini file. Is it necessary to keep this in the options??
The Chrome extension actually listens to the debug messages to gather the timing metrics for each resource and then sends it to wptdriver and so back to the WPT server
Andy is correct and the pop-up has nothing to do with your chrome getting slow. That is how the WPT chrome extension inspects network requests using the remote debugging API and the warning is there just because the API provides a lot of power and regular users wouldn't want extensions running with that amount of access to their browser.

If you remove it from the options the tests will not work. The extension also drives the browser navigation and without it Chrome would just open to a blank page, timeout and exit.
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