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Full Version: How to get the tool to identify spaces in an input?
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I am new to WebPageTest and im trying to script for one of the pages on the below application, but the input data has spaces and the script fails with spaces. I tried giving % instead of spaces and it passed except the % stayed where they are in the input, ultimately failing the request.

Pls help.

sleep 5
sendClickAndWait innerHTML=Change location
sleep 5
setValue id=LocalizeStreetAddress 1485%BAYSHORE%ABCD
sleep 5
setValue id=LocalizeUnitNumber 320
sleep 5
setValue id=LocalizeZipCode 94124
sleep 5
clickAndWait innerText=Continue
You need to use tabs to delimit the actual script commands and if you do that spaces inside of each element should be fine. If you don't use tabs there is some server-side logic that tries to do the conversion automatically and it is probably messing up.
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