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Good day everyone.

I am working with my client site, how can I improve the Cache Static Content. Please check out my latest result. I already fix some but it still has a Grade "B". My client wanted a "A" grade. Hope you can help me.

Thank you very much.
You can't do anything about the 3rd party ones, the google font files there. Your client is going to have to settle for that still excellent B grade if he insists on using 3rd party font files.

You're caching everything except 21kb total out of the 1,169kb you're loading on Chrome there.. Hardly anything for them to get in a twist over.

Show them this A grade on the much more commonly used IE11. You get straight A's on that Bucko but with even more non cached kilobytes than with Chrome.

It's half dozen of one, six of the other.
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