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Hi Folks,

I am interested in running a private instance of WebPagetest.

I understand an Amazon EC2 instance can be used in place of a local Windows computer to perform the Testing functions.

I would much prefer to use a professionally managed remote machine than a privately managed local machine.

However my problem is I want to ensure that testing is done from Perth, Western Australia, and I understand that Amazon EC2 instances are served from USA.

Perhaps I could find a professionally managed VM located in Perth to do the Testing?

Are you able to make some recommendations for me?
There are EC2 AMI's available for Sydney which is closer but still on the wrong coast:

Other than that a Windows VM would work fine but it's quite a bit more work and I'm not familiar with hosting providers in the area.
Thanks Patrick.

Can I ask some clarifications please?

In running a private instance of WebPagetest, am I free to advertise my instance publicly? I know that sounds like an oxymoron. :-)

Can you point me in the right direction for understanding what work is required to get the Testing performed from a Windows VM?

Thank you,
You're welcome to do whatever you'd like with it (even for commercial use). The BSD license it is licensed under is quite liberal.

Have you been through the configuration docs?

The main difficulty is with keeping windows running and clean (malware), particularly if you allow browsing of arbitrary pages. With the AMI you can just terminate and re-launch instances and not worry about it.
Thanks Patrick. Yeah, I have been through the configuration docs. I agree RE: Windows.

The AMI sounds helpful, but I'd really love to offer an testing service from Perth.

I gather that means I am stuck with a VM, and my question is: is a Windows Server running as a VM the only solution left to me? If that's the case, I'm open to trialing it.
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