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Full Version: long download times and bars that end all thogether - please have a look
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hello all,

i am getting this results:
  • what is the reason for this?
  • is this connected to the machines?

if i inspect the HAR in har viewer the results seem pretty normal.

sorry if this is a 'repost'. but i couldn't find any existing discussion about it ... and this is not the first time this happens, but yet still i couldn't figure out why.

so long and thanks in advance!
You have a JS that appears to be blocking the resource loading. I just disabled JS and tried to load the page and it went ahead quite smoothly. Here's the comparison:

Take-away: Would it make sense to defer/async your javascript files? This way, you can avoid the gaps in resource loading.
thanks for your reply. - but i believe, that this is not the case. i tested it again with JS disabled and i'm getting the same result:

the difference is, that i'm not testing from dulles. - which generates unreasonable connection times and the US isn't the market of the site.

now the question is:
* is it the instance (i also tested other instances in EU, all the same - just dulles seems to work properly)
* or is it something on the server side of the site?
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