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I had my developer whip up a simple test. One thing I've noticed is the first byte time is slower under the location Dulles, VA - Chrome - Chrome Cable

When I use the website however, I get a much faster speed but it says it's from Dulles, VA - Chrome - Cable.

The slower speed has an extra Chrome in the location.

I'm trying to work out if this is an issue as I've done plenty of tests to get an average and it's always the test with the extra Chrome that is slower.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.
Do you have a link to a test result? My guess is the test request (presumably made through the API) was done incorrectly and either the connectivity settings or the browser are messed up.
That looks like a normal test. Do you have a case with the duplicated "Chrome" - "Dulles, VA - Chrome - Chrome Cable"
Only Dulles, VA - Chrome - Chrome - Cable.

So everything is normal then. Ok.

Thanks for confirming. I was a bit confused.
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