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Full Version: F on Cache Static Content - 12 second load time
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I made a new website using Wordpress, it's hosted on HostGator, I'm using W3 Total Cache set up through a step by step tutorial with recommended settings. I also added the CloudFlare CDN plugin, so that should be working now too.

I ran webpagetest to try to speed up my site, compressed some images, etc., but I still get an F on Cache Static Content. I would like to improve this for a faster load.

Any recommendations on how to improve my Cache Static Content grade?
Any other suggestions on speeding up my site?

Thanks for any tips!
Wow, some page :/

There are so many requests being made to external services which all have to be resolved before the page load can finish. Those requests are not being cached. I noted 167 requests using the Chrome dev tools -> Network tab.

If changing theme isn't an option, try WP Rocket as W3TC seems to have been abandoned. You can find a comparison of WordPress caching options at (they recommend WP Rocket).

I don't know much about HostGator's setup but having a Varnish cache in front of the web server helps a lot. I manage my own servers but also have a few sites on SiteGround and some of their plans have good caching options (I know the Go Geek package has static, dynamic and memcached options).
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