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Full Version: The FilmStripView is not in Order
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Hi Patric,

We have executed many tests with WPT using WPT scripted test and observed that sometimes the FilmScriptView is not in the order i.e. from 0%..10%.20%...100%

Enclosed the screen shot "FilmStripView_NotInOrder.jpg" which is showing the same.

Could you please tell us what we need to do to get the FilmStripView in the order..

And also we observed that the page loading screens order is different. I have enclosed the screen shot "Filmstrip_View.png" and it is showing as

The full page load is showing from 0.0 sec to 1.0 sec
The Login page load is showing from 1.1 sec to 1.4 sec
Again the page loading is showing from 1.5 sec to 1.5 sec

But in our execution the login comes first, then it select some options and finally the page is loaded but it is NOT SHOWING correct sequence in the FilmStripView and also in the VIDEO. Could you please let us know why it is showing in the order?

What we need to do to get video and filmstripview in order of the execution.

Let me know if you need any thing on this.

Are you doing a multi-step navigation script? If so you need to either have a "combineSteps" command at the beginning or only log data from one step of the script (using logData commands).
I have used "combineSteps" and now it is working fine, and the Filmstrip is in Order. Thank you very much for your support...

But some times even after adding the "combineSteps" in the script the Filmstrip is not in order. I have enclosed the screen shot "FilmStrip_NotInOrder_002.jpg" to this post. Could you please look into this and let us know what else we need to do to get the Filmstrip in-order.

Our script looks like...
setValue name'proxyUsername xxxxxxx
setValue name'proxyPassword xxxxxxx
clickAndWait name'loginSubmit
sleep 5
execAndWait document.querySelector('a[href*="prospect"]').click()
execAndWait document.getElementById('calendar-tab').click()
clickAndWait id'ds-nav-link-dropdown-username-desktop
clickAndWait translate'logout

When we executed this script we observed that only the script line "execAndWait document.getElementById('calendar-tab').click()" is NOT EXECUTED, remaining all script lines are executed. Any idea on why this "calendar-tab" script line is not working? Sometimes it is working and sometimes it is not working.

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