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Full Version: locations.ini for mobile agents on private instance
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first of all, Thanks a lot to Patrick M and other guys who actually developed this wonderful tool! It makes life a lot easier!

I tried a lot to figure out the good documentation for step by step process to keep up and running with WPT and found some nice articles as well but they doesn't tell about locations.ini files completely.
It would be great if someone can please help me in following.

#1: have already set up private instance with EC 2. linux server as webserver and another windows server as test machine.
#2: want to test mobile devices in india (Vodafone 3G Network) with video.

#1: how can I connect my private linux EC 2 instance to mobile agent for Banglore - Vodafone 3G network?

My locations.ini file -


label="My first agent"


browser=IE 11

#2: wpt_server=52.29.xx.xx wpt_location=first while setting up windows sserver of EC 2 I mentioned as user data. is that okay?

#3: what should be location and browser combination?

Here are the docs for the mobile agent configuration:
Thanks Patrick for the reply!

I just want to create a relay to with API key I have received from you.
When I connect using following:

label="Banglore- Vodafone 3G"

It says: The testing completed but failed.
Failed to configure IPFW/dummynet. Is it installed?

I'm not sure if locations.ini as above is correct?
Please help!

Is the above configuration correct? Can anyone please help?
You can only relay to locations that the API key can be used for. The A.* set of self-provisioned API keys do not have access to the Bangalore Headspin test location.
Thanks for the reply!

Is there any way to relay to Banglore Headspin location from private instance?
Any future plan with WPT to make it available ?

If you email me directly I can provide one-off API keys with access to more locations (if you have emailed and I haven't responded yet sorry about the delay, just getting back from vacation).
Excellent! Thanks you very much!
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