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Full Version: Bulk url test: amount of images and their file size
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I try to run a webpagetest bulk test with Google Spreadsheets, WPT Bulk Tester by Andy Davies.

How is it possible to setup tests to get only three things:
1. amount of images à URL
2. file site of each image
3. whole images file size à URL

Thanks for any suggestion and advice!
In the Settings tab, find the section titled "Map of columns in Test tab to WPT result fields". This is where you map the column labels from the Tests tab (starting from column E) to the data from the WPT API. For example you can see the API results by appending ?f=json to your test results page:

1. If you want the number of images in the test, this is found at: data.median.firstView.breakdown.image.requests.
3. Change the last property to "bytes" to get the total size of the images.
2. I don't think it's possible to get the size of each image. How would that even be populated in the spreadsheet? One column per image? It's definitely possible if you're manipulating the raw response data with JS, but outside the scope of the tool as far as I can tell.

If you can settle for the average number of bytes per image, this can be done by dividing #3 by #1. That would be computed in excel-style arithmetic as opposed to app script. For example, if column E mapped to #1 and F to #3, then you can write a formula in cell G2 like "=E2/F2" and repeat that for however many rows/tests you have.
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