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Full Version: Waterfall view not showing up data for click or scroll events
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HI Guys,

We are testing pagination and want to compare load time between page1 and page2. we have script ready to navigate from page1 to page2 but the waterfall view is not showing up the page2 load.

we only see load times in waterfall view for this step.
but not for
execAndWait document.querySelector('ul.paginator-list>li:nth-child(2)>button').click()

execAndWait document.querySelector('ul.paginator-list>li:nth-child(2)>button').click()

Test :-

Not sure if it was an issue with that test location, an intermittent issue or something else but I just ran it on the Dulles Thinkpad's and it looks to have navigated correctly:

Only change I made was that the execAndWait command had a space after the tab and before "document..." that I removed but that shouldn't cause any issues.
Thanks for the reply Patrick. Navigation looks good by watching video and concern is below event is not getting captured in waterfall view even though navigation works perfectly.

execAndWait document.querySelector('ul.paginator-list>li:nth-child(2)>button').click()

Can you please provide inputs on what would be the issue.
I'm fairly certain the activity from request 95+ in my test are from the activity caused by clicking on the element:
No Patrick. The way how application designed is on page1 load they do ajax call for retrieving first 4 images of page2 for better look and feel. So, that is the #96 request we are seeing waterfall view.

Loaded By:
Error/Status Code: 200
Priority: Medium
Client Port: 59928
Request Start: 16.995 s
Time to First Byte: 603 ms
Content Download: 21 ms
Bytes In (downloaded): 13.9 KB
Bytes Out (uploaded): 1.5 KB


To be more clear, waterfall view shows only first four images of page2 (step 97 to 100 ) as they are loaded as part of page1 load (ajax call ). The remaining images appears on page2 doesn't showup in waterfall view.
Hey Patrick. You are right the activity from request 95+ are for page 2.
Thanks for your quick help.
And also i would like to do scroll down on page1 before clicking on page2. i have added below script and some how scroll feature is working for page2 instead of page1. can you please help out here.

exec window.setInterval('window.scrollBy(0,600)', 1000)
execAndWait document.querySelector('ul.paginator-list>li:nth-child(2)>button').click()
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