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Full Version: Repeat view not refreshing web page
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According to my understanding the first view time is greater than repeat view time because to measure repeat view time the web page being tested is refreshed. In my case repeat view is taking far more time than frist view.

If repeat view time = 5*frist view time.

I looked in recorded video and for repeat view the web page being tested is not refreshed.
Repeat view doesn't "refresh" the page. The browser is closed after the first view, cache is NOT cleared, the browser is re-launched and then the "repeat view" version is tested (loading the page with a full cache).

First, run several runs (advanced settings -> runs) to make sure it isn't just that your server performance is incredibly variable.

Okay i understand but what i am not able to understand is that in the repeat view videos, there is no activity. Yes i did several runs.
I noticed that it's a scripted test, which may be causing the repeat view to get screwed up somehow. Is your script private or can you share it?
I am also having the same issue the repeat view data is actually higer, and shows nothing being downloaded
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