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Full Version: hello! need help with Cache static content
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I have problem with 'Cache static content'

link -

important info - css,js and pics send by nginx, in nginx.conf I set 'expires 24h' and another tests show this

but I have many WARNINGs, and test fails

I don't understand what is problem, help me please
Hello Plastika,

You don't have to worry about the warnings. I checked your site and the caching is working, it's just that the time is really short. Consider using a week or longer if your items don't change on a daily basis. If your content does change than you have caching for 24 hours.

The Failed elements are out of your control as you are calling google fonts and Yandex. The only way to solve those issues is to migrate those item to your site and call them from your server.

I hope that helps,
Let me know if you have any further questions.
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