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Full Version: Internet Explorer results are far better than Google Chrome and Firefox
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I have set up the webpagetest private instance. I am running tests on Internet Explorer using wptdriver only because for me urlblast was not working. So i have observed this strange trend that my IE9 result of the tests are far better than compared to chrome and firefox, I meant that loadtime and time to first byte is very low for the web pages.

And also whenever i run tests on IE, tests are getting completed before the entire web page loads.

What could be the possible reason behind this????

I have attached the screenshot of the result, please go through it.

Let me know if any more info is required on this.
Share the link of your analysis.
(05-02-2016 11:37 AM)grupoalianzaempresarial Wrote: [ -> ]Share the link of your analysis.

Sorry i cant share the link as the link is restricted to my office only. Tell me what data you need i can provide you with the desired data.
It's hard to guess without the link.
(05-04-2016 02:16 PM)grupoalianzaempresarial Wrote: [ -> ]It's hard to guess without the link.

I have also observed that the DOM element count for IE is very less as compared to google chrome. What could be the reason behind this, as of now i am using latest stable version of webpagetest agent ie 2.19. Let me tell you one thing, these tests are scripted tests. Basically the script first goes to the login page and after login it navigates to the page for which i am supposed to test the performance of. If there is any discrepancy in the script. Please let me know.

Here is the script which i have written
logdata 1
navigate "the url to be tested"
setValue "userid"
setValue "password"
clickAndWait "submit button"

I have attached the screenshots of the results, please have look. This one is for IE 11. Also when i manually open internet explorer and do "document.getElementsByTagName(*).length" i am getting 6799 which is same as shown in the result of chrome test below.
This is something i am not able to understand

And this one is for Google Chrome
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